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We have the capability with our line-up of equipment to be able to provide services to other producers in the area. We don't just do any of these services as custom acres, but as if they were our own. We want to provide the best possible outcome and return on their investment on their operation. We are licensed and insured to provide commercial applications of all products listed below.


Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer applications whether it be in the spring or fall, is crucial to making sure a producer's crop is setup for the season ahead. We provide growers the opportunity of getting their fertilizer spread properly and accurately. We have the capability to spread up to two products independently of each other as well as variable rate application with our John Deere F4365. Booking now for spring of 2023. Click here to request more information. 

Seed Treating Services

Buying the right seed for the right place is a crucial part of every producer's plan, but what are you treating your seed with? We provide growers the opportunity and flexibility to apply on their seed what they want, not what their seed company or retailer picks, all while not breaking the bank. Want to add another product on your corn seed? We can do that! We also allow growers to bring their own products to have treated on their seed if they desire. This is done accurately and precisely to provide that seed, the best start possible. Click here to request more information. 


Precision Mapping Solutions

There is such a great amount of information at grower's fingertips today and utilizing it to make decisions can be difficult; or accessing it to make better application decisions is time-consuming and sometimes cost-prohibited. For drainage solutions we offer LiDAR and RTK processing, for fertility and application use we offer zone creation and variable rate application maps. We can utilize grower's data along with satellite imagery to provide maps that will help a producer get the most out of their fields. Click here to request more information. 

Drainage Solutions

A crucial part of farming in the Red River Valley is having properly graded drains to provide the best surface drainage possible. Using some of the best technology in the industry, we can provide producers a high-quality ditching service on their farms to benefit their bottom line especially during events of excessive rains. We create a plan with producers prior to a project to make sure their objectives and goals are met. Click here to request more information.


Row-Crop Planting

Planting a crop accurately has become such a crucial start to a great crop but with narrower weather windows, limited labor and capital, growers are working together to get their crops in the ground quicker. We plant with an Exact-Emerge (high speed) John Deere DB66 planter with capability to get across a greater number of acres quickly, and most importantly, accurately. Booking now for corn (limited), sunflower and soybean acres. Click here to request more information

Ground Application

Spraying has become a major part of a producers time spent on their crop. In some circumstances, it becomes overwhelming to get across a number of acres in a limited time window. We operate a John Deere 412R self-propelled sprayer unit allowing us greater flexibility especially later in the season to get products on crops for producers that would normally require a higher-cost option like an airplane or damage done by a pull-type sprayer.  Click here to request more information.

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