Kevin & Debbie Krueger

Kevin is the Co-Owner/President of K & D Krueger Farms & Sons a company that he and Debbie formed and founded in 2008. Kevin & Debbie have been farming together since 1987; both were born and raised on family farms. Kevin enjoys to this day, running and working on farm machinery and watching the crops from seed to harvest. Some of Kevin's hobbies are the occasional fishing trip out to Devil's Lake or Lake of the Woods, trips down to "some beach, somewhere" and creating memories for their entire family.

Debbie is the Co-Owner/Vice-President of K & D Krueger Farms & Sons who can be found at their home preparing the next great meal for the family. She as well will regularly bring out meals for the crew during the peak times of the year when the days get long. Debbie also uses her experience of working on the farm to assist wherever needed. Debbie enjoys summer time when she can relax with mowing the lawn, working in the garden, or just time with the family. Debbie's hobbies include getaways with Kevin or the rest of the family, volunteering at the pregnancy center in Grand Forks, or helping a friend/family in need. 

Matthew & Amanda Krueger

Matthew is the Operations Manager for K & D Krueger Farms & Sons who oversees the entire operation including managing the financials. Matthew obtained his Bachelors of Science in Ag Business from the University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) in May of 2012 and is currently working on obtaining his Masters of Agribusiness from Kansas State University (2017). Matthew has always had a love for agriculture and business. Matthew enjoys time spent with Amanda, thier son Lane and the rest of the family on vacations, relaxing evenings with friends throughout the summer and enjoys traveling when time allows. 

Amanda is the Office Manager for K & D Krueger Farms & Sons and other entities the family is involved in, which entails maintaining all accounting, payroll and filing obligations in the office. Amanda obtained her Bachelors of Science from UMC in Ag Business and Equine Science in May of 2013. Amanda also works part-time at HOPEful Beginnings, a daycare center in Grand Forks. She endjoys riding with Matthew in the farm machines or around the farm checking various fields and crops. Matthew and Amanda have a son with #2 on the way due August 2016. 

Benjamin Krueger

Benjamin is the Shop Manager at K & D Krueger Farms & Sons. Ben oversees the maintenance and repair on all farm equipment as well as general maintenance to buildings and grain storage. Ben is never afraid to get dirty and you would never guess he is the youngest of all four kids to Kevin & Debbie. He is a hard worker with a smile on his face in almost every situation. 

Ben's hobbies include snowmobiling, ice fishing, summer fishing  or any kind of fishing actually. If he has any free time, he can be found on Devil's Lake, Lake of the Woods, or one of the other smaller lakes in the ND/MN area. If you are interestd in spending time on a lake, Ben is always looking for fishing buddies.

Shane & Sarah Pilon

Sarah (Krueger) is seasonally active on K & D Krueger Farms & Sons who will pretty much do anything that is needed on the farm, except run a machine if it's red. Sarah loves to run the rotobeeter around beet harvest time and will pull another 8+ hours on top of her full-time job in East Grand Forks. Sarah's hobbies include making new recipes from Pinterest, horses and spending time with her husband and their puppy, Ruger. 

Shane is officially part of the family as of  June of 2013. Shane works full-time at American Crystal Sugar Company, a cooperative that K & D Krueger Farms & Sons has ownership in. When not working, Shane can be found helping around the farm mowing the yard or helping in some other way especially during the peak seasons. Shane's hobbies include anything related to sports and fantasy teams. Shane's favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Josh & Emily Krueger

Joshua is currently not an active member at K & D Krueger Farms & Sons. He is in his 3rd year of service in the United States Air Force as an aviator on the KC-10A McDonnel Douglas tanker as an official In-Flight Refueler. Joshua is also responsible for other responsibilities on the KC-10A that include loading cargo on and off as well as perform flight attendant duties to the passengers onboard. 

Josh loves that he has the opportunity to fly around and see the world as well as the opportunity to see friends and family that are residing in places that we don't travel to often. 

"THANK-YOU!" Josh and all the serviceman in our US military for all you do for us! We appreciate it!


Emily joined the family in April of 2015 when they were married in New Jersey. Emily is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She brings a smile to people she is around and always willing to learn. She has a full-time job as an occupational therapist and loves doing what she does. Emily and Josh love to hang out with family and friends and play games whenever the opportunity arises. Josh and Emily plan on making home in NW Minnesota when Josh steps down from his job in the air force.