We are a family-owned and operated farm who plans to ensure this lifestyle as an opportunity for the next generations. We operate effectively and efficiently as a grower of agricultural commodities and conduct business both responsibly and profitably to benefit our family, employees, company partners and community. We are committed to being a low-cost producer maintaining long-term growth with above average performance. 
In particular we strive to treat all employees as family. In our business:

  • No one person will lay claim to the success or failure of the company,

  • We will strive to motivate all to achieve company goals, and

  • We will encourage a team atmosphere, respecting other employee’s ideas and beliefs.

For our landowners and partners we will:

  • Produce excellent product with superior timeliness,

  • Exhibit honesty and integrity in all landowner interactions, and

  • Meet landlords’ needs so that we achieve high landlord satisfaction.


To have the ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change and to challenge ourselves to better our business. To be perceived as being one of the best farms in our area and to be known by landowners as doing the best job with customer satisfaction. To honor the work of previous generations and provide a thriving and growing company for the future of our family and employees. We believe in treating others the way we would like to be treated, the Golden Rule.


As a 4th generation family-farm in East Grand Forks, MN – we have deep roots for farming. We are a family-run farm with the awareness of future generations. Our family history is strong with innovation and being some of the first on raising edible beans in the Red River Valley. We take pride in having many “firsts” for our area in the way we raise crops. We aren’t afraid of trying new things.  


  • Hard Red Spring Wheat

  • Sugarbeets

  • Soybeans

  • Foundation Seed Soybeans

  • Field Peas

  • Edible Beans (Pinto & Black)

  • Corn


We pride ourselves on having some of the newest technology in modern agriculture on our farm. We are fully integrated with Precision Ag Equipment and Land.db, which allows us to monitor real-time activities of our farm from any location on any device. You will find many different colors of machinery on our farm, however we use machinery that we feel will do the best job regardless of color. Partners like Titan Equipment in Crookston, True North Equipment in Grand Forks, and Pro-Ag of Grand Forks are just to name a few of companies that support us.


We are proud to be a part of these organizations: